Mobilio's game over, It will no longer manufacture cars because of low success

If the product is not good, then its goodness can not sustain its existence for a long time. Honda has finally paused production of its MPV Mobilio.

You can guess from the bad sale of its bad sale that no one unit was sold in the previous month. Referring to new standards coming into existence, the company has stopped its sale. This car was available in both petrol and diesel models. The company has not officially removed its price and details from its website. 

Its price in Delhi is 7 lakh 38 thousand rupees to 12 lakh 54 thousand rupees Exxorum. In the reports published on many websites.

Honda Cars India President and CEO Yachiro Uno has said that the production of this car is being discontinued as it does not meet the necessary standards which are going to be implemented in the coming days. 

In 2014, this car was introduced to the company by Maruti Suzuki Artega and it initially got a good response. So far, the company has sold a total of 40 thousand 789 units. 

So far, the company has not said that it will bring any replacement for it. According to the information from the sources, it is currently engaged in paying attention to its new product, which is to be launched by the end of this month. 

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