Multani Mitti brings an extra glow on your face

Nowadays, you have used a lot of face packs to make your skin beautiful, but today we are going to tell you about such a face pack that brings an extra glow on your face. We are talking about Multani mitti's face pack. Multani mitti helps to increase our beauty as it contains calcium and magnesium, which work to detox the body.

1- If you are feeling very tired, then to remove it, take multani clay and mix some rose water in it and lemon juice in it and apply it on your whole body. When it gets well dried, wash it with cold water. Rubbing your body thoroughly and scrubbing with it. By doing so, all the closed pores of your body's skin will be opened and your skin will also get a clean edge.

2- To clean the face and remove the dead skin, add little vinegar and coconut oil in the multani clay powder and make paste. Now leave this paste on face and neck. When the paste gets dry, wash it with cold water. If you use this face mask twice a week, then there is a lot of brightness on your skin.

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