Now The Roads Will Blow Horn For You at the Turnings
Now The Roads Will Blow Horn For You at the Turnings

Surprisingly, now the roads will play the horn instead of the car. HP Lubricants and Leo Bernit have joined hands with the intention to increase security at the highway and have developed a system in which the roads will play horn itself.

Let us tell you that this system has been successfully tested on Highway NH-1 which connects Jammu and Srinagar. As you know, this highway is considered as the most dangerous roads.

The smartlive poles are applied around the turn of the roads. These poles are connected in a wireless way to each other. Whenever the traffic flows here, the alert goes to these poles. And then they measure the speed of the poles and alert the driver through the horn.

On this, the local police say that due to the active of this system, road accidents have come down. Companies are now studying closely on this system. As you know, India is included in the list of countries with the highest road accidents. Particularly hilly terrain, where traffic rules are not properly followed. According to Government Reports, in the year 2015, 1,40,000 people died due to road accidents. The company has invented this system to get rid of these accidents.

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