Now you can ride without a driver on a crowded road

Baidu, the leading software company BlackBerry and China's leading internet search engine, announced participation, under which automatic driving, intelligent connectivity and intelligent traffic system will be developed.

In automatic driving, the carriage is capable of running on a crowded road without any driver itself. Many companies around the world are engaged in developing such vehicles, which include companies such as Google, Apple, Uber, GM, and Toyota.

Connected and autonomous vehicle technology will be developed for vehicles worldwide, Oriental Equipment Manufactures (OEMs) and Suppliers. Under this agreement, the leading BlackBerry QNX security operating system in the industry will form the basis of Bindu's Apollo Autonomous Driving Open Platform.

Li Xenu, the general manager of Baidu's Intelligent Driving Group, told that after connecting with the Blackberry QNX OS and Apollo platform, we will be able to convert the prototype of autonomous vehicles into production systems to car manufacturers. Together we will work towards creating technology and commercial ecosystem for automatic driving, intelligent connectivity and intelligent traffic system.

BlackBerry and Baidu together with the major smartphone integration software 'Car Life' for Baidu's connected cars in China, as well as its traditional AI system 'DualOS' and high-definition maps to run on the BlackBerry's 'QNX Car (Infotainment) Platform'. 

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