Om Swami is beaten up by audience of a talk show

Jan 17 2017 10:42 AM
Om Swami is beaten up by audience of a talk show

A person enters in the house of a reality show as common people and with tag of a Swami(The Religious Baba). Yes, your guess is good. Om Swami, the infamous contestant of Bigg Boss 10 who kicked out from the house by Bigg Boss for his ridiculous and shameful act of throwing his pee on his fellow housemates.

Now, as he is not in the show anymore but his disgusting acts are still creating noise out of the house of Bigg Boss. He is still selling his shamelessness on various talk shows. Also after eviction, he made accusations against the host of the show Salman Khan.

He called Salman, an ISI agent and claimed he slapped Salman. Om Swami even called Bani, a slut. What a disgusting man! The self-proclaimed God-man in sort to attract headlines towards himself appear on various news channels and as per his nature make controversial statements against everyone. In one such show, wheb Om Swami questioned by a lady, he started abusing her. This outraged the anger of the studio audience and they ran to the stage and started beating.

Its true, don't believe us, watch the video:

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