PM Modi addresses FICCI on Monday

On Monday, Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, recently affirmed that performing in association with industrialists would help the country to re-establish the private sector. He made the statement during his address at the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI).

The PM said that he would not let the disrespect regarding the industrialists prevail in the country. He also appreciated the economic growth of India due to its industries.

Rashesh Shah, the president of FICCI, asserted, "Along with the assurance to work closely with the industry, the Prime Minister's strong message to the industrialists opting for illegal means to harm the nation and its economy that they will not be spared, will certainly help in removing any negative opinion in the public against industry in general, and will rejuvenate the private sector.”
 He also added, "Prime Minister Narendra Modi's encouragement to the industry and his efforts to resolve industry's problems have indeed helped in the revival of animal spirits in the economy already, and his statement in Uttar Pradesh will further boost industry's sentiments.”

In his address, Shah affirmed that it would be an extremely difficult task to have an improvement of 8% in the country, without the faith of the countrymen to invest in different businesses.

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