People of this village share two countries' border line without any pique

There are many things we face in front of us that often make us shocked. Today we have gathered information about such a place where boundaries have no meaning for the people who reside there.

As today the whole world is seizing itself from the border areas, but there is a place where the border does not matter. We are talking about a village which us situated at the border of India and the people of this village have citizenship of two countries. In fact, Longwa is settled in the Mon district of Nagaland state on the north-eastern boundary of the country, which is situated at half of India's international border line and half is settled in Myanmar.

The house of the people is also made in such a way that they make food in Myanmar but if it is a matter of rest, then it happens in India. The people of the village also have citizenship of India and Myanmar too. Surprisingly, the son of the village's chief is a soldier in the army of Myanmar. The good thing that is linked to this village is that there is no debate even after the interaction between the two countries here.

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