People overreact to Karan-Arjun coming back, quips Shahrukh Khan
People overreact to Karan-Arjun coming back, quips Shahrukh Khan

Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan are best of buddies. Their friendship is not new. Recently SRK was asked about sharing the news columns with Salman, he said, "I think now people overreact to Karan-Arjun coming back. We have come back so often. Sometimes, I feel how many times will Karan-Arjun keep coming back? By now, even Rakhee ji would have felt bad that Karan and Arjun are coming back so many times; itna bhi nahi bulaya tha maine. I find it odd." 

Badshaah of Bollywood added, "In a certain sense, there’s a sense of seniority, not in terms of age, but the positioning when we came here. I was new for four years, while he had been working. We both are hot headed; all of us are. We all have our own issues and they will stem up from time to time. Until next time when we have a public fight, it's good."

On their family equation he stated, "Yes, I have always maintained this and I always will. Salman’s family was beautiful to me when I came here. I was new. I considered Chunky Pandey’s and Salman’s family as my own and I always will. There will always be respectability towards Chunky, Salman’s and even Juhi’s respective families. I was new, so in a way they adopted me. I would stay in their houses and eat there. I could even leave my friends and my wife there; I was so confident." 

At last Shahrukh said, "Even when Salman and I had issues, our families used to go and meet each other. Uncle used to come and we would chat. Gauri and her sister would meet Salman. There never was an issue just because we had our problems. That won’t change."

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