Pollution can also affect sex life, women have difficulty in pregnancy

The impact of pollution is now being seen in people's bedroom. The festival of Diwali brings happiness, but this festival has always brought poison to air pollution. The mantle of pollution spread in Delhi and its surroundings are hunting people for many kinds of diseases. Increasingly, the poison is affecting people's sex life. According to experts, due to air pollution, sex activism can decrease by 30 percent. 

Sagarika Agrawal, a reproductive specialist in Delhi, says that there are a lot of heavy elements in the air. Which directly affects the body's hormone. In India 15 percent of the population is infertile. This rate is higher than women. According to Dr. Aggarwal, the particulate matter is for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons with them. There are lead, cadmium, and mercury, which affect the balance of the hormones and are harmful to the sperm.

It is necessary to wear filter masks. Reduction in testosterone or estrogen levels can reduce the desire for sex. It is very necessary to reduce the problem and to use the filter masks to prevent reproductive problems. 
Experts say that there is a sharp increase in Particulate Mater (PM 2.5) in Delhi. It is 30 times better than the human hair. After Diwali, PM 2.5 started with a record on 500 UG / M3 scale in November and it was 600 and 700 UG / M3 in later days. 

This is more than the standard pollution control board norm of 250 UG / M3. An IVF specialist in the city says that breathing in pollution increases the number of free particles in the blood. It can also reduce the sperm in a healthy male. 

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