Rob Kardashian struggling to accept Tristan Thompson in the family again

Jul 11 2018 09:33 AM
Rob Kardashian struggling to accept Tristan Thompson in the family again

Tristan Thompson, after the return of his love, Khloe Kardashian from Los Angelles, seems happy enough. The couple seems to be on the verge of accepting each other and reuniting. Well, not everyone wants the same for them. The close cirlcle of Khloe, including Rob Kardashian, have adviced her to keep away from Tristan who has has already cheated on her in the past. However Khloe seems to have have already accepeted Tristan Thompson in her life, forgiving him for everything that happened in the past. Sources revealed that it has become really difficult for Rob to accept Tristan and he can no more trust him. Not just Rob, many more people in the family are reluctant to accept Tristan into the family. 

Rob Kardashian has always shared an affectionate bond with Khloe and therefore his protective behaviour towards the lady is justified.

Rob was the person who helped Khloe to get over her ex-husband Lamar and file a divorce against him. He had seen her break into pieces when she separated from Lamar. Rob therefore does not want Khloe to again be left heartbroken and this time, by another guy. Lamar had been associated with the NBA and that has made Rob hate any other NBA assoiciated individual to get into Khloe's life. 

Reports said that Tristan cheated on Kloe, even during her pregnancy period. He is the father to her baby, That has made Rob hate him even more.

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