Rs. 200 kg of sugar and Rs. 150 kg of salt selling out in valley of Arunachal Pradesh

Jun 08 2017 12:06 PM

There is a place in India where the price of sugar and salt goes higher. A valley in Arunachal Pradesh where retired soldiers and their families live, there they have to pay 200 rupees for one kilogram of sugar and 150 rupees for salt.

An area named Vijaynagar was discovered by Assam Rifles paramilitary forces during a campaign called Shreejit II in 1961. Major general AS Guarya, IG of Assam Rifles helped a lot in this.

All the people living here are very upset. When they​ came here to stay, they were promised good health and money. But till date, they are living in trouble. In the family, women have no choice but to live with limited resources.

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