Shraaddh 2018: During the Pitra paksh, one mistake can make your ancestors angry

Sep 26 2018 08:47 AM
Shraaddh 2018: During the Pitra paksh, one mistake can make your ancestors angry

Shraaddh has started. During this time, elder members of the house will give peace to the soul of ancestors by celebrating the Shraaddh. During the whole 16 days of Pitra Paksha Shraadh, elders will give Shraaddh according to these dates. Like the dates, there is a right time and method to celebrate the Shraaddh. At the same time, there are special rules for granting Shraaddh to the ancestors. According to Hindu beliefs, celebrating Shraaddh means after one year, remembering their ancestors, feeding them and feeding their spirits. A small mistake made in this process can also annoy the ancestors. There should be no mistakes during Shraaddh karma, therefore there are 7 rules being given here, by which you can rightly convince Shraaddh.

Here are the rules of Shraaddh which everyone needs to follow :-

1. Pitra Tarpan should be done every day during pitra paksh. It will be even more better if prepared by mixing water, milk, barley, rice and gangaajal.

2. Make pind daan along with the tarpan . Tender mix ingredients together with cooked rice, milk and sesame in Shraaddh Karma. Explain, the body in Hindu belief is considered a symbol.

3. During Shraaddh, no auspicious work, special pooja and ritual should be performed. At the same time, the daily worship of the Gods should not be stopped.

4. It is believed that during the Shraaddh it is not allowed to eat paan, oil and even sexual intercourse.

5. The use of colorful flowers used in happiness is also considered taboo in Shraaddh.

6. In the pitra paksh, gram, lentils, brinjals, asafetida, turnips, meat, garlic, onions and black salt are also not eaten.

7. During this time many people do not buy new clothes, new buildings, jewelry or other valuables.

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