Shreekhand Mahadev yatra is more difficult to complete than Amarnath yatra

Jul 27 2017 03:30 PM
Shreekhand Mahadev yatra is more difficult to complete than Amarnath yatra

In the month of Savan, every year many devotees visit Amarnath on a pilgrimage to Baba Barfani. It is said that only after having a long and difficult journey, devotees get the fortune of seeing Baba Barfani. But do you know that there is more dangerous and risky journey of Mahadev's this place than Amarnath.

Despite the slogans of Har-Har Mahadev every year, a batch of devotees leaves for Bholenath's temple every year. In fact, traveling to Shreekhand Mahadev at the height of about 18500 ft above sea level in Himachal Pradesh is not easy for everyone, because the journey of this place is also a lot more dangerous than the visit of Amarnath. Due to the lack of oxygen on this sacred site at a very high altitude, the devotees are often flown here and people start feeling tired soon. While the freezing of the cold is that most of the pilgrims coming here start to chill with cold. In order to reach this holy place of Shreekhand Mahadev, devotees have to travel about 130 km from Shimla to Rampur first and then after passing the distance of 17 km from Rampur to Niramand, again from Niramand to Baghipul again to 17 km .

There is a way to go. After reaching Ganguly, then go for the journey till 12 kms of pilgrims. After fixing all these paths, a 25-meter direct climb is required for Shreekhand Yatra which is not less than any fire test for the devotees coming here. During this direct climb some devotees break their breath in the middle of the journey.

Its height is 75 feet: Let us tell you that during the visit of Shreekhand Mahadev, there are many religious places and goddesses on the way. Shreekhand Mahadev is adjacent to Himachal's Great Himalaya National Park and its height is said to be about 75 feet. In addition to the giant Shivling of Lord Shiva situated in Shreekhand, statues of Mother Parvati, Lord Ganesha and Kartikeya Swami are situated about 50 meters before it.

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