Some rules must be followed in weight loss journey

Today, we are going to tell you some methods which can gradually reduce the weight without any effort.

1- Wake up in the morning and take a cup of hot water with lemon in an empty stomach. Toxin emits from the body by drinking it, which keeps the digestion process well.

2- Regularly massage your hair with coconut oil. This makes the senses sharp and the hair gets nourished.

3- Clean your skin with the help of brush, doing this increases the blood circulation in the skin and the dirt ends from the body.

4- Massage sesame oil a little bit below your chest, doing this improves digestion.

5- Put fresh water every morning from one side of your nose and leave it on the other side. This clears the nose channel.

6- Exercise is very important to reduce weight. Exercising daily increases physical and mental balance.

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