Tamarind can make skin fairer

Due to the use of creams available in markets, the skin faces many side effects. But today we are going to tell you some ways that you can make your skin white without the use of any beauty products.

1- Take some cream in a bowl to refine the color of your skin. Now add a little lemon juice and pinch of turmeric in it, now apply and sleep with this pack on your face over night. And after getting up in the morning, wash face with cold water. In a few days, your color will be lightened.

2- Always use raw milk to clean your face.

3- To make your color white, put some tamarind into water and leave it. When it gets soaked well, then filter it out. Now rub your face with the water of this tamarind. Doing this will reduce the scalability of your skin.

4- You can use saffron on your skin, add some threads of saffron in a little glycerine and apply it on your face every night. By doing so, the colour of your face will begin to glow.

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