The 'two-faced' snake found in the US

Different types of snakes are found in the world, many people are afraid of seeing them. But there are some people who like to see snakes.

When you will hear the news of a snake, you might think that it will be a simple snake, which will have a mouth or maybe you think that it is very poisonous.

But in America, a snake was found near Forest City in Arkansas, which is very rare in appearance and has two heads. 

It is being told that the image of this snake has been shared on Facebook 15,000 times. The picture of this rare snake was captured by Quinton Brown and Rodney Calso.

Mark Young, who shares the snake's picture, named it Deus. Mark Young told NDTV that later Deuce was donated to the Arkansas zoo in Jonesboro and Ridge Nature Center of Fish Crowley.

According to 5 news online, this rare snake's length is about 11 inches. Mark Young also posted the second picture of this snake on Facebook, on which various types of comments have started arriving. Many people said that the snake is too scary.

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