The new age is showcasing by Alia Bhatt in 'Dear Zindagi', read reviews

Director: Gauri Shinde

The film of age that shows how to live your life inspite of heartbreaks and how to deal with these heartbreaks and not to take it as you are losing hope to get anything. 


A cinematographer girl of today Kaira is played by Alia Bhatt shows her bohemian approach to life. Then enters Dr Jehangir Khan, the character portrayed by Shah Rukh Khan who is a top-notch therapist helping Alia to deal with issues.


In Gauri Shinde's Dear Zindagi, Alia Bhatt who is protagonist of her life and the film too is bravely picturizes her effort to fight with tears, emotional fears etc that can become the weakness of any girl. Gauri's some effort touches the height of merit. Also how a human at least once in life encounters with innumerable relationships issues in today’s fast-fleeting urban life. Some scenes are funny and light hearted that makes you chuckles while some left you in tears. 

The first half of the film comparatively weaker, than second one when SRK enters and begin to look up. As Alia first seen in relationship with Raghuvendra essayed by Kunal then moved to Sid and later to Rumi played by Ali and how she completely mixed her life.

After all this messed up, Alia approaches a doctor in Goa and in her conversation with doctor Jahangir aka Jug we too can get the relief and solutions of our problems.

What to do:

Go and watch the film. The best thing to do this weekend, if you really want to touch the soul. 

News Track Rating: 3/5

Shahrukh Khan's clip of dancing is just awww!

New version of 'Ae Zindagi Gale Laga Le' from 'Dear Zindagi' is quite refreshing

New teaser of 'Dear Zindagi' has raised the excitement to watch


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