The people of Malwa celebrate Nagpanchami with all enthusiasm

The Shukla Paksha Panchmi of Shravan month will be enjoyed as Nagpanchami in the country. This festival will be celebrated especially in Malwa region. Here people worship snakes. Although snake worship has been banned snake is worshiped as symbolism.

There will be a lot of pilgrims can be seen in Shri Nag temple. The devotee will make a meal of D al- Bati's dishes at home and will offer to Lord Shiva. After opening the gates of the temple of Shri nag in midnight, the temple of Lord Shiva is worshiped.

After this, the temple was opened for the common people. This temple is very ancient. The idol was brought here from Nepal. There is also a Shivling in the temple which will be worshiped. It is believed that here is the residence of Nagraj Takshak. The devotees will visit the statue. Special arrangements have been made for observations in the temple.

During this time different views will be seen for the visit of Sri Mahakaleshwar Darshan and Sri Nagchandreshwar.

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