These 4 Sex positions are women's favorite

Sex is meant to give sexual gratification to your partner. However, it also gives new shape to live. Every person's greatest goal during sex is to fully satisfy his /her partner. People use different methods for this.

The big contribution in sex satisfaction also remains in the sex position. Your sex satisfaction is quite fearless on these. 

Plus, your partner's favorite sex position will also help you to satisfy them. In this connection, we are going to tell you about some of the sexiest sex positions of women today. The women who are very fond of

In these positions, women are satisfied very soon after having sex. They also enjoy great pleasure in sex in these positions. So let's tell you this women's favorite sex position.

Missionary: This sex position is very good for both men and women. This is the most comfortable and beneficial sex position. Women who are very much fond of.

On the lap: In this position, the woman is having sex in the lap of her male partner. This position gives a lot of enthusiasm to women.

Women on top:  I would say just about this position, if you have not tried it yet, then you have not experienced full sex. This is the most preferred sex position of women. In this position, the male takes the female partner down and the whole control woman has it.

Spoon Fitting: In this position, men perform sex action by lying on the back of their female partner.

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