These are some mistakes due to which men have less sperm count

Sperm count loss in men is one of the biggest sex problems. This has a direct effect on men from becoming a father to sex performance which can spoil your relationship with your sexual relationship. There can be many reasons behind the men's sperm count decreasing. Some of which we are going to tell you about today.

Many men have a habit of wearing too tight clothes. This causes the temperature of the scutum to increase significantly and the sperm count starts decreasing.

- Excessivesoya products should not be used too. Apart from this men's sperm count is less.

- The possibility of stress in urban men is seen much more. Due to stress, blood circulation is affected and the sperm count decreases.

- Eating things like stress, cigarette and alcohol also results in a huge decline in the sperm count.

- Due to more contact with electronic goods, it also has a bad effect on men's sperm count.

Sleep is very important for our body. Those men who sleep less than 7 hours in a day, are more likely to experience lowering of sperm count.

- Even if coffee removes your tiredness, it also damages your sperm count too.

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