These are the hacks to get perfect results for your search on google

Apr 13 2018 07:14 PM
These are the hacks to get perfect results for your search on google

In the Internet world, Google is one such search platform where you can easily find the answer to any question in minutes. But you probably do not know that while searching on Google, we can make our search even easier by using a few small hacks. So let's know about those tips and tricks of searching on Google.

While doing a search on Google many times it happens that we do not get the things we need. We don't find the results according to our needs in Google, and that disturbs. But next time you search something on Google do not have to worry.

You'll find some tools on Google's Search tab. Using these tools, we can easily search for things as per our needs. Despite entering the correct keyword many times, the right things are not found in the search. In such a case, if you are certain about a keyword that you only need information about it. For this, you should search the keyword in the Google Search tab "Keyword".   

Along with this, if you want to know the meaning of a certain word, then type "Define:" and then typed that word. In this way, Google search will only see the meaning of that word. If you are looking for a product website on Google then the word "site:" should be used before that keyword. By doing this, you will first see the website or link to it in the Google Result.

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