These diseases attack women more

Some diseases are such that women should never ignore. POC polycystic ovary syndrome is a hormonal disorder. Suddenly, weight increases in this. Menstrual cycle becomes irregular. Pimples problem and baldness also occur. Due to this disease, 5% out of 10 women get increased risk of diabetes, high blood pressure due to POC.

The problem of frozen shoulder is more in comparison to men. Fibromyalgia is a kind of chronic disorder, the symptoms of this disease are similar to that of arthritis. Feeling tightness during the morning, feel heavyness. Lupus disease has a disorder in the immune system. Most of the women are sick during the age of reproduction.

There are many cancers which are found only in women such as ovarin cancer, cervical cancer and breast cancer! According to a research, women who do breast feeds reduce the chances of breast cancer in those women.

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