These things must be donated during Shraadh

Right now, the Shraadh is going on. In the Hindu religion, the Shraadh has been considered very important, it is believed that by donating some special things these days, you get the desired effect and all the problems of life also end.

1. If you want to get the grace of your ancestors, then donate jaggery during the Shraadh,  doing so, your ancestors are pleased and your life gets rid of poverty, wealth and happiness are attained.

2. In our theology, the cow is considered to be sacred, it provides happiness and riches by donating it to the Shraadh Paksha.

3. According to the scriptures, by giving a donation of cow's ghee in a silver vessel, the fruit is available in the morning.

4. On donation of grains like wheat, rice etc., you get the desired result is.

5- If you have no shortage of money then you should donate the land to the poor person, the poor person, by doing so, the property and children get the benefit.

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