Things related to worship should never be kept on floor

1-All things related to worship should never be kept on the ground. Such as the lamp, shivaling, shaligram, mani, idols of gods and goddesses, Yajnopavat (Janeu), gold and conch, do not keep these things on the ground. If they are to keep them down, then put a cloth on the ground before placing them.

2- According to the Hindu calendar, non-veg should not be ear on the day of Amavasya, Purnima, Chaturdashi and Ashtami.

3- Do not eat any food in copper jars on any Sunday. Apart from this, you should also avoid eating red lentils, ginger, red food items on Sundays.

4-Someone should not come directly into the house after coming from outside. Whenever you come from outside, then wash both feet with clean water before the main door of your house first. Doing so keeps the house clean.

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