This Is What Samsung's Foldable Phone Could Look Like
This Is What Samsung's Foldable Phone Could Look Like

News from Samsung is out, about its new Foldable phones. Obviously, Foldable phones are a new start of a totally different experience for the users. Currently, Samsung’s preferred way to making a flip phone is to have two sets of displays facing back to back on one side of the hinge, with the standard numeric keypad on the other side. It appears that Samsung wants to improve upon the redundancy of having to employ two displays in one phone, according to a new patent.

The patent shows concept sketches of what appears to be a flip phone, but with a foldable display. A special hinge will keep the phone completely upright, where it will appear like any other candy bar shaped smartphone. But it also will be foldable, which should help in occupying a seemingly large screened phone comfortably in the pocket.

The idea isn’t new of course, as Samsung officially announced that it was working on a foldable phone in March 2015, a project codenamed Project Valley. There have been rumours that such a phone will finally be unveiled next year.

Obviously, there’s a big difference between a phone with a curved display and a bendable one, and it will remain to be seen if a product ever is out in production. Xiaomi has reportedly got a bendable smartphone working in the lab, so it will be interested to see who will bring a new innovation to the market.

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