This is how success is related to palmistry

Seeing the rhetoric of people's hands in astrology, many things about their nature and future are revealed. There are many things that are said to be seen in the hands of people. 

Wedding line:

In the palm, the wedding line is located under the smallest finger. If the marriage line is not straight and leaning downwards or getting round in shape, then this situation has not been considered as good for the health of the spouse. 

If there is a defect in the marriage line and it becomes a quadrangle then it provides relief in the problems related to the life of a partner.

Destiny Line:

If the fate line is broken in the palm, there are obstructions in the work. In such a way, if there are four quadrangles around the fate line, then there are problems, but you will also get success.

Mangal Parvat: 

Mangal Mountain has two places in the palm. One is at the place near the thumb right below the lifeline. The second occurs at the place near the brain line just below the heart line. The depressed position of Mangal Parvat decreases courage. A quadrangle on the Mangal Parvat increases the chances of failure even when there is lack of courage.

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