This is the reason for increase in Onion price

The increase in prices in the festive season has increased the burden on the common man. Rain and festive demand have increased prices of onions by 30 percent. Where, a week ago, you had to pay 25 to 30 rupees for one kg onion. Right now, the price has increased to 40-45 rupees. However, the likelihood of the reduction of onion prices is not visible at present. 

These days it is raining in Andhra, Tamil
Nadu and Karnataka, due to which the new onion is not able to get out. It affects its impact here on Delhi. The prices of onions are increasing steadily in the Mandi market in Delhi. 

President of potato-onion merchant association of Azadpur mandi of Delhi, Rajinder Sharma said that "Due to the increase in prices of onion, there is strong rain in the South Indian states these days. Due to the rain, the new crop is not reaching the big markets. Therefore, the demand for onion from Maharashtra has increased."

30% increase in prices in the Lasalgaon mandi of Maharashtra, the bulk rate has increased by 32% from the last week of September to October 8 has been seen. In  the first week of October, the wholesale rates of onions were 1849 rupees per quintal and reached 2450 on 9th October. In this way, this increase is about 30 percent. 

Azadpur Mandi in Delhi has also seen an increase of about 18% onion prices in the past week. Department of Consumer Affairs said that the price is 26 rupees, according to the monitoring cell, Oct. 8 retail rate was 37 per kg in Mumbai and Delhi.

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