This small girl was playing candy crush while she was being operated for brain tumor

Sep 13 2017 04:10 PM
This small girl was playing candy crush while she was being operated for brain tumor

When the doctor was removing the tumor from most sensitive part of the body, a 10-year-old girl was very happy playing her favorite game on her uncle's phone. The operation was going on and she was in full embrace and was moving the hand and feet in such a way as if she was telling her doctors that whatever they are doing is absolutely fine. 

Yes, there is the case of a Bharatnatyam Dancer Nandini, who is studying in the fifth grade, who suddenly fell sick and then she was admitted to Chennai's SIMS hospital. 

After a brain scan, it was found that in the part of Nandini's brain in has a tumor that controls the movement of the left part of the body including the face, arms, and legs.

Dr. Rupesh Kumar, a neurosurgeon surgeon, told Nandini's family that if the tumor increases, Nandini may have paralysis and she is also at risk of losing her life. So her family members got ready for the operation. 

You will be surprised to know that only two per cent of adult patients have brain surgery without getting unconscious, but this has never been done in case of children.

Initially, the child was a little reluctant, but then the doctors took the help of an uncle, who himself was a doctor, to explain them.

According to the child's uncle, 'When the doctor was removing his tumor, then I was in the operation theater. She was playing Candy Crush on my phone during operation. Whenever asked to move her hands and feet, she did the same. She is a brave girl."

After the operation, Nandin was walking and she has been discharged from the hospital. Nandini has also told the doctors that she will start practicing Bharatanatyam again in a few days.

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