Top Blogging sites you should check !

Nov 08 2016 10:46 AM
Top Blogging sites you should check !

It is said, everyone has a book in them. If writing is your hobby, and you wish to share your writing talent widely, then transform your passion to writing blogs, where you can showcase your talent to the world. There are a number of platforms, for writing blogs for beginners as well as for experts. In many cases you can also get paid by writing blogs, and some are just free. So you can also make money by blogging.

Here are some top blogging sites which you can check out:

1. Tumblr: It is one of the famous microblogging and social networking website founded in 2007 by David Carp. Users using Tumblr for blogging, can make their blogs private or public. The primary tool for any Tumblr user is the “dashboard”. It also provides you the feature to use tag #picture in any pictures that you upload.

2. Weebly: It is more of a website creating site, but also provides the option of blogging with my customized themes, layouts and many other interesting features.

3. Penzu: It is a private online diary hosting website which allows their user to upload photos from their devices and write journals. Users have the scope of free signup and create their account.

4. Mindstick: They provide custom programming services, web design, database design etc.

Some other prominent blogging sites are Hubpages, Jekyll,, Google+ etc. Share your thoughts and get famous with a source of income through these awesome blogging sites of recent time.

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