Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji written update:Kanak takes a stand for Saras
Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji written update:Kanak takes a stand for Saras

In the latest episode of Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji, Kanak tells Saras that she hasn't done any sin. But Saras confesses that she has committed a sin by coming in front of brahma acharya ji.Kanak asks Uma to tear the dupatta of a doll dressed in bride's attire. He doesn't then Kanak tears it and everyone is in tears. Uma doesn't cut the doll's hair but then Saras takes the scissors and chops the hair herself. Uma and Kanak are in shock. Saras supports her elder brother Uma and says she is ready to be the sevika as her brother wants her to do it.Uma asks for forgiveness and tells his sister that he cannot change her destiny as his hands are tied up because of dharam.

Vansh is also seen talking to his sister Kanak's picture and promises to free her from Uma's clutches.Kanak gets angry and goes to the sevika and asks her about swami ji. She asks her who gave him the right to spoil the lives of Saras and other women. An angry Kanak thinks of going in search of Bal Brahmchari herself. But the sevika says she hasn't quit anything and this leaves Kanak in shock.In Pushkar at Kanak's maternal house, a person dressed in monkey is seen escaping when Ved catches them and it comes that it is Rani. Meena is running out of the house that someone stole her money.

Meena starts beating the monkey but Ved helps Rani escape. Meena cries and is joined by Golu and Rani. Everyone is in splits. Rani tells Meena that more than money she is more important for everyone. Bhabho is happy.Sevika tells Kanak the reason she is with Bal Brahmacharji. She reveals that she is his mother and how her son has left everything. So, she became a sevika. The old sevika tells her how she was beaten up by the sevaks of her own son. She asks Kanak to change Uma and not bal brahmacharji. Payal comes to maasi sa's room and apologises for her fault and how everyone is equal in your eyes. Kanak slaps Payal and tells her that she cannot let wrong happen with Saras now.She reveals to maasi sa that Bala brahmachari ji's sevika is his own mother. She tells them that if someone cannot respect his mother then how will he respect other women.

Maasi sa gets angry and then she reveals that it was for her in which Saras fell. Maasi sa then tells Kanak how she is always against Dharam and that she should leave this house soon. Maasi sa asks her to leave this house but Kanak refuses to leave and says she will not leave this house. Maasi sa is about to slap her when Uma stops her leaving everyone in shock. Maasi sa asks Uma why did he stop her and he tells her how he has done this because of dharm and he is following patni dharm. Kanak is reminded of sevika's words how she has to change her husband.

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