Two tunnels in Ram Rahim's residence were being used without license

Sep 11 2017 11:00 AM
Two tunnels in Ram Rahim's residence were being used without license

Two secret tunnels were detected during the search on Saturday for the second day on Saturday in Ram Rahim's Dera headquarters who was convicted of rape. During the search operation, an illegal explosive factory was also detected. 

During the two-day search operation, Ram Rahim's camp has found many objectionable things. Haryana Government spokesman Satish Mehra said, "Many security personnel and local administration were imposed in this search operation. Curfew is surrounded around the campus. The case has been registered against Dera."

On the other side, the Dera management told the officers in their defense that crackers were made from explosive materials. Mishra said that two intelligence tunnels have also been detected in the Dera campus.

Out of these, one end of the tunnel opens towards the living room of Dera chief, while the other opens to the hostel where the Sadhvi used to be. Mehra said that the matter is being investigated. The second tunnel is 5 km long and it opens towards the path of the death. 

Looking at this tunnel it seems that it is a secretly tunneling tunnel. A skin bank was discovered inside the camp. It was being operated without a license. It has been sealed.

Apart from this, hundreds of pairs of shoes, designer clothes and hats of Ram Rahim have been found. It was revealed in the investigation that Baba Ram Rahim was running an illegal factory of firecrackers in his ashram. The explosives were being used in them.

The High Court has appointed Judge AKS Pawar for monitoring the search operation. Now they are being searched under the supervision. Videography of the search is also being done. Senior police administration and police officers along with paramilitary forces and Haryana Police are also involved in this search operation. 

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