Use These tips to make your home shiny and clean

Nov 21 2018 02:16 PM
Use These tips to make your home shiny and clean

To keep the house fresh, we adopt a variety of products so that there is no mess in the house. In such cases, the products come very expensive, which makes the house shine. But if you want to SHINE the house or to light house then there is no need to spend it. For home doors and glass-like things, we will tell you some tips that can be done without spending money.

Baking soda: Baking soda is used in glass or mirror polishing. Rinse the mirrors with a little baking soda on a spark or soft cloth. Afterwards clean it with the help of clean clothes and water.

Distilled water: Distilled water will also cause the glass to glow because the water contains minerales which easily brighten the glass. This returns the lost glow of the mirror again.

Vinegar: This is the best option to clean mirrors or windows of the house. You can use white vinegar or distilled vinegar if you want it. Put this vinegar in a spray bottle and sprinkle it on the glass. Then clean it with a cotton cloth.

Shaving cream: Shaving cream is a multipurpose, as it can be easily shined from the house glass. If the doors of the house, the windows or the car has a mist on the glaze then use shaving cream. Apply a thin layer shaving form on the mirror and clean it with a soft cloth. This will keep the glass shining for a long time.  

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