Walk barefoot on the grass every morning

Most people use slippers even at home. Your feet are bound only in slippers. Slippers help protect your feet from injury. But sometimes feet should also get a chance to breathe open. Doing so will have many advantages. Walking barefoot has many advantages. Walking barefoot on the grass or on the sand, the legs come in contact with the earth directly.

Two-thirds of our body is made of water and used to make electricity for water. There is a negative ionic charge in the earth, which eliminates negative ions in the body by walking barefoot. This makes the mind calm and balanced. Walking barefoot in the morning ends mental stress. Walking bare feet also develops immunity.

By walking barefoot, you also get relief from problems like body pain and swelling. Walking bare feet on the grass daily gives a relaxing sleep. Feeling freshener with walking barefoot. It has good blood circulation.

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