Whatsapp answers Indian government, difficult to stop the fake messages

Jul 05 2018 01:54 PM
Whatsapp answers Indian government, difficult to stop the fake messages

In the past, the Indian government issued an order to prevent fraud news being spread by Whatsapp from its app. Now Whatsapp has answered in this regard. The company said that it is a challenge to stop these messages through its platform and for this there is a need for partnership between them and the Indian government. 

WhatsApp has said that he wants to run a long time public safety campaign in India and for that, they have been doing a new label test for some time now. This label shows when the user forwarded messages and when did they write. Through this, the user who has been sent the message will know that the content he is reading is written or any rumour has been sent to spread it.

Whatsapp said, "We are telling people regularly how to stay safe online. For example, we tell everyday how to identify Fake News, and we will soon provide educational material in this regard. For the first time in the year, we have started working with the Fact-Checking Organization to prevent rumors and spreading news from spreading and can be answered using WhatsApp. For example In this regard, we had worked for the Mexican presidential election, during which time the users had sent thousands of messages to the information related to the election, in response to this we provided the right information to the users and told them what was wrong and what was right. We are working with 24 news companies on this program in Brazil, hope that we have learned from both these matters that we use in India. Fake News will be stopped soon."

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