When crocodile came out of the first floor of the building suddenly, this is what happened

Sep 11 2017 11:00 AM

There are some incidents happens in the world every day, whose impact falls on people's mind and heart in good and bad form. Some incidents happen such that due to which we have a positive effect, some have negative. One such incident has emerged from China. After seeing, people will definitely get scared in the mind. 

Actually, a crocodile came suddenly in a day care center in Nanning, China, after which people became frantic. After seeing the crocodile suddenly, the employees of Day Care began to run around. 

After the investigation, it was discovered that the crocodile was a pet, which fell down from the first floor of the same building. Before any crocodile harmed anyone, it was taken into custody. 

The police reached the spot and took over the crocodile. Despite repeated demands from the owner of the crocodile, the police refused to hand him over to the crocodile. Later this crocodile was left in the nearby zoo.

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