Why do Hindus create Rangoli and what are the beliefs related to it?

In Hindu homes, it is common to have Rangoli in front of the house. Even my Parsi aunt also does this every day. Rangoli's design varies according to the area. It not only looks beautiful but it is also considered auspicious. Although many people like Rangoli style, many people do not know why Rangoli is made.

Importance of colors

There is hardly any such thing in the world, which gives us more happiness than colors. In a cultural country like India, where festivals are celebrated, the colors are of great importance in such a country. These colors only give life to these festivals.

Indian festivals unfinished without colors

Any Indian festival without colors is incomplete, whether it is a festival of colors, Holi, Ganesh Chaturthi and Durga Ashtami or Diwali. In all festivals, colors are used by Indians. On the occasion of Diwali, which is the festival of light, it is also used by the women of the house to make Rangoli.

Importance of Rangoli

Beautiful colors are made on the walls of the house or on the ground with the help of colors, flowers, colorful things and many times burning. There has been a tradition of making Rangoli on festivals in India for years. Rangoli is the word of Sanskrit from the oldest point of view, which means expressing expressions through colors.

The Sanskrit word 'alpana'

But it is also addressed in the name of Alpana in some areas of India. Alpana is also composed of a Sanskrit word 'Alpana', which means Lepna or coating. Because, while making Rangoli, using colors is done on walls or on the ground.

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