Why should you visit Dharamsala? Answer is given by these pictures

Himachal Pradesh's Dharamsala is said to be the Switzerland of India. Now whether you believe it or not, but the beauty of the Dharamsala is really nothing less than Switzerland. If you have ever visited here, you must know this well, but if you have not gone then you should go here once in your life atleast. Many things of Dharamsala make this place the most peaceful and popular place of India. The hills of Dharamsala are the most beautiful mountains of India. The way you climb up here, it really will give you a unique feeling. 

The air here is even cleaner than other hill stations. The people here believe in the place of business, especially at the Deva Bhava. If you go here once, you will definitely love Dharamsala. It is India's Switzerland but the main problem here is that the hotels are very less here. Now you can also say that the number of people who visit here is less and hence there is less number of hotels. At the same time, bodh intellectuals are more here, so also Indians don't visit this place more. 

But let us tell you that Buddhism is also another main reason for the peace of the goddess. Here, people keep the attention of cleanliness from the facilities. So let us show you photos of Dharamsala today, seeing that you yourself will say that Dharamshala is the Switzerland of India.

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