Women Reveal the Ridiculously Remarks They’ve Heard At Work

When I graduated college at 21, I had no idea about the sexism that awaited me in the workplace. From a boss who assumed I was his new secretary (I wasn’t) because I was young and female, to a boss who told me that since I had a boyfriend and would likely get married soon, he’d never have to give me a raise, my experiences are unfortunately the norm for young women in the workforce.

Indian Women Reveal Offensive, Sexist Remarks They’ve Heard At Work:

1. “I don’t like female comedians making sexual jokes, it just doesn’t sound right.”

2.“At a comedy club… a man once told me that women could only be either pretty or funny. My vagina LOL’d.”

3. “While trying to rest my first kitchen space… ‘Where is your husband? Has he passed away?’ – The real estate agent”.

4. “There’s no item song in the movie? Then it’s doubtful if it’ll be a hit.”

5. “You shouldn’t ask too many questions to the director. A heroine must be cute and bubbly.”


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