World Diabetes Day: Take these fruits which are safe for diabetics

Nov 14 2017 02:36 PM
World Diabetes Day: Take these fruits which are safe for diabetics

While there is no such thing as 'bad fruit', diabetics do have to be careful and maintain moderation when it comes to certain varieties.We know that fruits that highly indulge with glycemic index are to be consumed as less as possible and those with a low glycemic index are the ones which can be eaten regularly. This sever disease has arrived from the most dreaded offshoots of modern and busy lifestyles. But all thanks to the fruits which plays a major role and can go a long way in helping patients situation from worsening. 

As November 14 has been considered as the world diabetes day, one of the nutritionist Mehar Rajput at FITPASS and Sonia Narang, Nutritionist and Wellness Expert at Oriflame India, lists down the fruits and their hidden benefits which a person suffering from diabetes should eat.


One of the fav. fruit of everybody apples is a hypoglycemic fruit which is indulged with plenty of fibre that is an impeccable ingredient for a diabetic. It also contains the chemical Pectin, that has the capability of reducing blood sugar levels and the requirement of insulin in the body by almost 50%.


Pomegranates have the richest combination of antioxidants thereby, protecting you from free-radicals and chronic diseases. They play a vital role in lowering the levels of bad cholesterol and resistance, which the body has against insulin.


Berries have the capacity to break glucose into energy, which reduces the increased glucose levels by a considerable amount. Then they increase the release of insulin. Thus, regulating glucose levels in the body.


With a low glycaemic index, guava is very rich in dietary fibre that helps ease illness (a common diabetic complaint) and can lower the chance of developing type-2 diabetes. Guavas are also high in vitamin A and vitamin C.


Natural antioxidants in papaya make it a good choice for diabetics. As diabetics are likely to many diseases, like heart or nerve damage caused by irregular blood sugar levels, the diet having papaya can prevent future cell damage for a better and longer lifespan.




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