Worship Lord Ganesha to get rid of all the problems
Ganesh festival is going to start from today and last till 5th September. Our theology describes many ways to adopt during these days to avoid all the problem from life. 1- On the first day of Ganesh festival, worship Ganesha in any auspicious time, worship them and also keep a beetle in the pooja, keep this supari in your safe after worship, by doing so, your safe will never be empty . 2- After worshiping Ganesha, after offering modak or laddoo to him, give food to any poor person. This will remove all the problem from your life. Also read: https://www.newstracklive.com/news/this-remedy-of-ganesha-is-to-remove-all-sorrow-of-life-1158364-1.html

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