Wrong direction of Stairs also cause heavy loss

According to Vastu Shastra, stairs present in the house can also become the cause of Vastu dosh.

1-Vastu Shastra has told that the stairs of your house should always be made from north to south and east to west direction. This removes the architectural defects of the house.

2-It is good to have a staircase in the south-west direction of the house. In this direction, ladder opens the door to success.

3-According to Vastu Shastra, the stairs must not be made in the corner of the north east direction of the house. The stairs made in this direction can cause economic loss, health loss, problems in employment and business.

4-House staircase made in the south east can cause damage. It has a bad effect on the health of children in the house.

5-Vastu Shastra has been told that under the stairs there should not be any used or waste things or shoe-slippers of the house. Doing so leads to heavy losses in the house.

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