You cannot ignore the benefits of FASTING

1. Fasting increases the power of fighting our body diseases.

2. By fasting, our digestive system gets relief and the digestive system works properly.

3. Fasting increases the functioning of the liver.

4. By fasting our body gets the power to fight diseases naturally.

5. Fasting cleanses our internal organs.

6. Fasting increases our brain power. Spiritual power develops properly.

7. Fasting eliminates the exhaustion of our whole body.

8. Blood pressure is reduced by fasting. We are protected from heart attack.

9. A sense of strength and refreshment in the body is realized.

10. Fasting gives us relief from many diseases like fever. Pain in the joints, chills, runs the digestive system properly. Relieves diseases such as constipation, diarrhea, stomach ache, malaria etc.

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