You will be shocked to hear these facts about sex

There are many interesting facts related to sex. Scientists have done many types of surveys related to sex. The results of which are also quite interesting. The purpose of such surveys is to increase the knowledge of this subject in terms of health. Some interesting facts found in these surveys are like this:

1. The semen which spills up to 30 to 45 crores of sperm in one mathoon.

2. Semen is kept at semen bank at -196.9 degree Celsius.

3. Sex reduces stress as well as a headache disappears.

4. About 25 percent men are currently thinking about sex in the present.

5. At the peak of sexual activity, both men and women reach the heartbeat 140 per minute.

6. Women have sex on average 3 to 3 years of age until age 45.

7. Gender age of men up to the age of 40 becomes erected in just 10 seconds.

8. The Greek couple has the highest average sex of 138 times in a year, while the Japanese couple only does 45 times the least.

9. The speed of the semen to reach the sex of the male is 36.9 kilometers per hour, which is enough to break the record of the 100 meters of Usen Bolt.

10. There is so much sperm in an adult male test that they can be kept stretched for 404 meters.

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