Young man killed his own cousin, people shamelessly make videos

Jan 09 2021 01:01 PM
Young man killed his own cousin, people shamelessly make videos

A heartbreaking case has been heard from Sikar in Rajasthan. A young man strangled his 10-year-old cousin with a blade. Not only this, the young man made a live video of the murder and also posted it on social media. In this video it can be seen clearly how the young man grabbed the child by the neck and cut his throat. According to the information received, the most shocking scene of this video was that the best 10 year old was torturing on the road for 10 minutes and the crowd kept making videos instead of taking him to the hospital. After the incident, the accused Kailashchand Rager has been caught by the local people and given to the police.

It has been learned that Kailash Chand Ragar had planned to kill Uttam early in the day and bought two blades from a shop. After which Kailash took his cousin Uttam and his younger brother with him on the pretext of providing nutrition.
It is also being said that at around one and a half in the afternoon, Kailash caught Uttam near the house, seeing that his younger brother ran away. People sitting at a nearby shop deemed it a fight and did not come to the rescue and started making videos. But after which Kailash took out the blade and cut his throat, after which Uttam fell down.

Not only this, people came there while running but no one tried to send the child to the hospital. However, the accused was caught and handed over to the police. Kailash Chand and Uttam's family live together, always abusing and quarreling between the two families. According to reports, there has been a hearing about witchcraft between the two families and it has been said that Kailashchand had been taking medicines for the last 2 years. SP Kuan Rashtradeep said that in order to avenge his uncle, the accused killed his cousin.

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