Baby girl born with 5.7 cm long 'Tail,' doctors also shocked

Nowadays, many shocking news keeps coming out. Now the news that has come out recently is from Mexico. A rare case has emerged from here. In fact, a baby girl was born here with a tail of about 5.7 centimeters. At the same time, doctors were also surprised after seeing it. Regarding this incident, they said, 'Such cases are rarely seen in medical science. This is the first case of such kind in the country.' According to a report, the baby was born through an operation at a rural hospital in Nuevo Leon state of Northeastern Mexico.

Yes and during this time the team of doctors came to know about the girl's tail. It had a length of 5.7 cm and a diameter ranging between 3 and 5 mm. Not only that but also had light hair on the tail and its last end has a ball-like structure. At the same time, in the Journal of Pediatric Surgery, it was told about this case that the mother did not have any problems during pregnancy. There was also no previous history of radiation, infection, etc. They already have a son, who was born absolutely healthy. In such a situation, when the baby girl was born with a tail, the doctors were surprised. Not only that but they did a lumbosacral X-ray for examination but found no evidence of bone inside the tail. The tail was not attached to her nervous system, meaning it could be removed by the operation.

In this case, the doctors said- 'The tail was soft, covered with skin, and had light hair on it. It could be shaken passively without any pain.' At the same time, after doing all the tests, the surgeons removed the tail from the girl's body with a minor operation. At the same time, it has been reported that the girl discharged from the hospital has been more than two months today and she has not faced any problems yet.

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