This businessman found corona positive

Apr 07 2020 11:12 AM
This businessman found corona positive

New Delhi: A 55-year-old businessman was hit by the coronavirus in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The most surprising thing is that this person does not have any foreign travel history. This businessman from Maninagar was providing food packets and water to those trapped in the lockdown, although he himself was not involved in distributing these goods.

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On giving information to Tejas Shah, deputy health officer of South Zone of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, he said that this person was delivering food to the people trapped in the lockdown but he himself did not come out of the house to give food. This person had hired a separate cook to prepare the food and also entrusted the responsibility of sharing the food to some people.

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This person did not even come out of the house, so how did he get corona infection. On this, the Health Officer of the Municipal Corporation said that the health agencies are looking for those who come in contact with this person. At present, the Ahmedabad administration has quarantined the other 13 members of this person's family and the man is being treated at the local hospital.

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