A cabin in Air India business class booked for pet dog

There are many strange people around the world who do anything. By the way, in today's time, people are very fond of raising dogs. Not only this, but he is seen giving every single facility to his pet dogs. In today's time, the friendship between man and animal is considered very deep and most especially if it is about a dog, then the example of man and his friendship is worth seeing. Not only that, but in many kisses we have seen and heard that the pet dog never lags behind to stake his life for its owner when needed. At the same time, man is also ready to do everything for him. What is the case at the moment is something like that. In fact, an owner has booked all the business class seats of an Air India flight to travel with his pet dog.

Yes, and knowing this, all of you will feel very strange, but after knowing the whole matter, you will be happy. In fact, the case dates back to Last Wednesday when air india's flight business class from Mumbai to Chennai was booked by an owner for his dog. It is being told that there were 12 business class seats in the Airbus A320 flight, and the owner had booked all the seats for his dog. Because of this, so that only the owner and his dog can travel on the flight.

Let me tell you all that a business class ticket on a two-hour flight from Mumbai to Chennai costs between Around Rs 18,000 and Rs 20,000. In such a situation, now you can guess how much the owner must have paid for 12 seats. Well so far many dogs have travelled in Air India business class before, but this is probably the first time that a complete business cabin was booked for a pet. Let us also inform you that Air India is the only Indian carrier that allows domestic pets to enter the passenger cabin.

Yes, and a maximum of two pets are allowed in a flight and the pet is made to sit in the last row of the booked last row. Between June and September last year, Air India had taken 2,000 pets on its domestic flights.

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