Video: Two heads and 3 eyes... Unique calf born during Navratri

Bhubaneswar: A cow has given birth to a two-headed calf during Navratri in Nabarangpur, Odisha. This calf is born with two heads and three eyes. Immediately after the birth of the calf, locals have started worshipping it as an 'Incarnation of Mother Durga.'



This calf was born in Bijapur village under Kumuli Panchayat in Nabrangpur district. Everyone was stunned when the cow of farmer Dhaniram gave birth to this calf here. Because the calf had two heads and three eyes. Dhaniram bought the cow two years ago. Recently, when the cow had some problems with childbirth, Dhaniram examined it and found that the calf was born with two heads and three eyes. Dhaniram's son told the media, "The calf is having difficulty drinking her mother's milk, so we have to buy milk from outside to feed it."

With the birth of a unique calf on the occasion of Navratri, people in the locality have started worshipping the calf as an 'incarnation of Mother Durga.' The villagers are worshipping the calf facing south, as they consider this direction sacred. At the moment, people are coming from far and wide to see this unique calf. Several pictures and videos of the calf have surfaced on social media. In which his two heads are visible.

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