Car stolen in an attempt to please girlfriend, caught by the police

Jun 05 2021 10:49 AM
Car stolen in an attempt to please girlfriend, caught by the police

Raipur: A shocking incident has been heard from Chhattisgarh. A young man became so madly in love with his girlfriend that he thought it better to choose the path of crime to please her. This young man did all the stories that were seen only in movies in real life. But in some time his act was busted and he has been taken into custody.

Stolen car to please girlfriends: It is learnt that a young man started stealing a car to impress his girlfriend. Some of his friends also helped him make the incident a success. All of them devised a complete strategy and carried out the robbery near Balaji Marble and Tiles Charoda in Bhilai 3 police station area.

The young man with a Breja car was busy talking to someone with his car stopped on the side. It was then that the criminal youth came with his friends and started misbehaving with the owner of the car. At first, somehow the owner of the car was pulled out, then he was assaulted by his friends and finally two men escaped on their bikes and the rest took away his car. However, on the day they carried out the incident, the police also started patrolling nearby and there was a strict blockade. The youths managed to escape but later the police searched the CCTV and took out the photo of all of them and then took them into custody.

Police devised best strategy: It is also being said that CCTV of ITMS were searched to nab the accused, CCTV of about 250 routes were seen by different teams. In case the looted vehicle is not used for any crime, a separate mission has been implemented by Superintendent of Police Durg to 5 teams. The successful strategy caught the thieves and the police had a big success. Police have seized several essential items including looted car, mobile phone, driving licence.

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