A Complete Guide On How To Be A Successful Fitness Model From Rakesh Saini
A Complete Guide On How To Be A Successful Fitness Model From Rakesh Saini

Fitness models and fitness modelling are two important things, the industry being open to a number of people who have a good structure. But how many of them are really worth the job? Today we learn about the different strategies on how anyone, literally anyone can be a fitness model, they just need to train, be determined and never give up. Sounds pretty unspecific, right? let's get to know the expert advice from Rakesh Saini.

Rakesh Saini hails from Kishangarh, Gujrat. He has been in the world of fitness modelling for quite some time now and is also a businessman besides this. Coming back to the question, let’s get into the complete guide from Saini himself:

1) Healthy diet habits : People consider going to the gym and working out as the top priorities when striving to become a fitness model. However, healthy dietary habits can do wonders to your body not only for the moment but also in the long run. Toxic supplements are very common, especially when people book it online. Only dated from trusted resources and make sure to naturally take in your proteins and necessary fats, without hogging every meal. Rakesh Saini himself is the face of several supplement brands. Learn from the best!

2) Training and practise : Training is indeed required for every individual, along with lifting weights and working out according to the trainers advice. Keep in mind, never skip the leg day, you surely do not want to look like a voodoo doll on whey protein. Moreover, competition helps a person to improve a lot. Not just competing in programmes and pageants, compete with who you were yesterday and think about how you can be better tomorrow. You are the best opposition you can ever have! Constant toil brings about positive results.

3) The way you carry yourself : Remember, you are not just a fitness freak but a fitness model who has to put himself forward in front of other people. Therefore, praying a great deal of attention to how you look is indeed important, look smart and carry yourself in a distinguished manner to create a different aura around you. One must be inspired the first time they have a look at your amazing tall, sleek, structured body. If that is not enough, make sure to add in some details one can ponder over. Modelling might be tough but you are tougher.

4) Build a good network : Let’s admit it, Connections also play a great role in your life, if you know people who can recognise your talent and put you on stage, you can go a very long way along with this. They just need to give you a boost and you will do the rest yourself, showcasing your amazing structure. Don’t just grab their attention, grab the bag too! Get involved in the fashion world and do as much as you can, learn from the people around you and apply it in your personal life. This is how we grew, we learn and we teach and we help each other out.

Since Rakesh Saini has always taken these advices to heart, he never fails and makes sure to achieve the best. Although he is pretty well established these days, he has a long way to go and his knowledge will surely help him out a lot. 

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